Monday, April 7, 2014

When will i be happy

When will i be happy? We all must have had this question at some point in life. Some of us might be having this question even now.
Do we have answer to this question? I use to think like this whenever a problem would occur and its not getting solved. We all must have thought in similar manner. Most of the time
problem is related to money. Something I need and don’t have money for it. Some business returns expected but we need to put more money or already have put in money and waiting for returns. I need bigger house, more jewellery, car, then sedan car, then big brand car, foreign holidays, designer clothes. List is endless.
But expectation is same once I get designer cloth I will be happy, I feel I will be look better. Once this business is set I will be happy coz now I can take care of a family and get married. Once I have more branches of my company I can give more to my family then I will be happy.

So most of the time my happiness depended on something outside me, something materialistic. But do I really become happy after I get those things that I need? Ok even if I get those things someday or maybe after 6 months, but for 6 months I was surely unhappy because I told myself that I will be happy when this is done. So wrong I was.
I understood that the moment I can be happy is this. This moment. I will surely be happier when I get things I wanted but I am happy this moment. Nothing and nobody can take my happiness from me. Then onwards I was happy this moment. Happiness too spreads fast. When I am happy I carry similar energy around me, anyone coming near me can feel that energy and they feel happiness in them. This chain grows exponentially. I met lovely people along the way, full of happiness. They say they feel happy with me but I say my happiness is shown outside.
Even if I am feeling little low someday and not able to come out of my low energy, it is those people who are already in happiness chain they meet with so much happiness that even my energy changes. When I understood how others energy levels make me happy then I should also be like that so that whenever someone who is feeling sad comes in my contact should be able to come out of low energy and be happy.
I also noticed one thing - law of inertia. When I am happy , my happiness continues till I apply brake of sadness and as result I am sad. When I am sad my sadness continues till I apply brake of happiness. It is this moment that I can be happy.
Its easy to be in silence when I am happy without reason. Happiness is not shown only in big laughter or huge smiles, its a feeling of good. Its a feeling that next moment is also good and eventually slowly slowly all moments become good.
I do feel sad still over something but I come out of it and become happy because I know happiness is within me not outside hence its not dependant on materialistic things. If your happiness will depend on things outside you then soon you get that something new would come up to make you feel sad and again same sentence I will be happy when ..........

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