Monday, May 19, 2014

Be careful about desires

The one thing i learned all through my journey is what ever I desire it gets fulfilled. All of us have desires small or big ones. Some desires need money to get fulfilled some need time. Some desires are such that can get fulfilled this moment.

What desires can get fulfilled this moment – i want to smile, you can smile this moment. I want to say “ i love you” to my beloved , you can say right now. I want to wish someone good , do it right now. All the desires get fulfilled.
So what about other desires that take time to get fulfilled? Those are the ones that need time to get fulfilled. I might want a child it will take 9 months to happen. I want to buy a big house it will take time to have that much money. But they will surely happen if we maintain our Silence and happiness.

We breathe and breathe out. Lets look at this from different angle. We breathe then take pause then breathe out then pause  and then breathe in. We must breathe in this manner to bring ourselves to some sort of silence. It is during these pause thats when I need to send my desire to cosmos. What is cosmos? I understand there is source of energy we can call it as universal energy or cosmos or God. Right now I chose cosmos. Till i am sure of God i will call cosmos.

When i desire at these pauses i send create something for myself in cosmos. That is i send my desire or my energy to cosmos. That could also mean that i created some disturbance in cosmos. And when the time for cosmos to balance that energy will come our my wish would be fulfilled.
You notice it in your life as your silence increases number of your desires getting fulfilled also increases. You need to be aware of yourself. Desires can be small and big. You needed a break from work and just then a friend calls you. You wanted a shirt and your birthday a friend gives it to you. I am noticing that all desires get fulfilled.

But are all desires good for us? I might want a promotion and it gets fulfilled but life after promotion becomes hectic , no time for family, wife getting angry children suffering and etc. I might want a home in new upcoming society, but life there might not be good. But when will this happen that desires getting fulfilled are making us unhappy? I realized that if i desire and am unhappy till the time it gets fulfilled or i am giving too much or energy to it those desires end up having unhappiness. But if i leave a desire into cosmos and i move on with life in silence and happiness that desire gives happiness and contentment after getting fulfilled.

As soon as i realized this number of my desires have gone down to a great extent. If i am in silence then cosmos will give me whatever is good for me. In between if i place a desire (by mistake) it surely gets fulfilled. Some desires for others also might get fulfilled.

I am careful about my desires. But i do desire that which is not only for me but for all. I do desire silence for all human beings.

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