Monday, May 19, 2014

Be careful about desires

The one thing i learned all through my journey is what ever I desire it gets fulfilled. All of us have desires small or big ones. Some desires need money to get fulfilled some need time. Some desires are such that can get fulfilled this moment.

What desires can get fulfilled this moment – i want to smile, you can smile this moment. I want to say “ i love you” to my beloved , you can say right now. I want to wish someone good , do it right now. All the desires get fulfilled.
So what about other desires that take time to get fulfilled? Those are the ones that need time to get fulfilled. I might want a child it will take 9 months to happen. I want to buy a big house it will take time to have that much money. But they will surely happen if we maintain our Silence and happiness.

We breathe and breathe out. Lets look at this from different angle. We breathe then take pause then breathe out then pause  and then breathe in. We must breathe in this manner to bring ourselves to some sort of silence. It is during these pause thats when I need to send my desire to cosmos. What is cosmos? I understand there is source of energy we can call it as universal energy or cosmos or God. Right now I chose cosmos. Till i am sure of God i will call cosmos.

Monday, April 7, 2014

When will i be happy

When will i be happy? We all must have had this question at some point in life. Some of us might be having this question even now.
Do we have answer to this question? I use to think like this whenever a problem would occur and its not getting solved. We all must have thought in similar manner. Most of the time

Friday, March 21, 2014

Diary Page 3 :: Ego

As I grew in my awareness, my hunt I should say, I started to get more clearer about various things happening in life. Ego is so easy so understand yet the most wrongly understood word.
 So what is EGO? What I use to understand from this word

Diary Page 2 :: Start of journey

My quest led me to a statement that “ whatever you are looking for its inside not outside. Have a quest and drop it.” I could not understand what exactly it meant. Inside.... have quest.... drop it. What exactly does inside means? Where inside?

Diary of a seeker:Page 1 :: 19 March 2014

I am not sure what I want to know. What I want to tell. 
One thing i am sure of that I do miss something in my life. When I step out of my home I always  looking for something. When I reach destination I look for something. When I am back I look for something in my home.